“ELECTS” is the enhancing learning Capabilities of students with print and visual disabilities initiated by ADRAD that establish and promote the use of latest Information and Communication Technology accessible for all implementing DAISY and Epub platforms ensuring enhanced learning outcomes.

The users of ELECTS scheme are the persons with print and visual disabilities, applying the latest technology support in the area of education and learning. Taking into account the International Knowledge being accumulated since the adoption of DAISY environment in Nepal in August 2005 in support of DAISY Consortium. Now, ADRAD has been privileged by the collaboration with WIPO under the activities of the Accessible Books Consortium and Nepal Government, Department of Education, to address the real needs of the Students with print and visual disabilities, providing them an opportunity of accessible books and reading devices accessible to them and convenient for Independent Living. In the first phase of its core mission under ELECTS, ADRAD is going to provide 140 accessible books through DAISY and Epub platform and providing ANDROID reading device through Tablet scheme for 100 students with print and visual disabilities. Therefore the possibility of use of this initiative will require to undergo for an application process where bonafide students be invited to apply for the ELECTS provision.

The ELECTS Scheme will be aimed at meeting the following objectives:

  1. Ensure to reach out the most in need end users, economically deprived and enthusiastic in use of


  2. Offer a better technology support enhancing learning capabilities to meet the real needs of the


  3. Equal opportunity to persons with print and visual disabilities is provided as other persons.