Future Plan

The Ministry of Education has adopted the strategy for strengthening alternative and open learning to facilitate access and participation of female, ethnic groups, Madness, Dalit’s, disabled, Muslims and other marginalized communities including children with disabilities to secondary education. Within this strategy, the Department of Education has supported to schools for computer and library across the country. There is also Internet facilities based on ICT plan. Despite of the Government’s commitments, the accessible ICT has not been adopted by the
Ministry and there are no accessible digital platforms within the libraries in the public school where thousands of VBI and print disabled students are studying.

In coordination with the Department of Education and Curriculum Development Center, ADRAD has planning to produce the DAISY DTBs and made available to the students living with visual and print disabilities. Due to lack of knowledge among end users about the playback system and devices, such students cannot be benefited and a big investment is in risk. Viewing this circumstances, ADRAD has proposed to collaborate with Department of Education for providing training to the publishers about producing accessible books in Pub platform and conduct orientation training to the end users for the use of Accessible DTBs, adopt the modern system of playback system of ANDROID devices and produce orientation toolkit, develop the masters trainers so that further orientation can be conducted by the locally developed human resources.
Since the ELECTS campaign exclusively covers the students participation, the mechanism will be developed to receive their feedback so that the further activities can be made more child friendly and quality assurance.
The ADRAD will develop tools and checklists for monitoring and ensuring quality of services. The Gender Equality and Social Inclusion aspect while assessing quality of programs. The children participation is major indicator of quality programming.