ADRAD launched the project “Capacity Building Project for Accessible Publishing” in partnership collaboration with Accessible Books Consortium  and World Intellectual Property Organisation under the campaign of Enhancing Learning Capabilities of Students.

ADRAD produced 140 Accessible books (Approximately 25,000 pages). The books have been uploaded in the TIGAR FTP server and books are available in Nepal and the cross-border exchange.

ADRAD also loaned 100 ANDROID Devices (Tablets) to the end-users of such accessible books.

Open Society Foundation/ Alliance for Social Dialogues

ADRAD has launched the Project: Inclusive post-Earthquake reconstruction: Public Building safe and accessible for all in partnership collaboration with OSF

The Focus Area of the project is Transitional Justice in post-earthquake reform through advancing accessible reconstruction, Public Accountability through accessibility auditing and follow-up for ensuring accessible public places by the direct engagement of Self-Help Group of Persons With Disabilities.

Nepal Government has enacted Accessible Physical structure and Communication service Guideline for People with Disabilities (2069) on 2069/11/6. The Guideline has clearly directed the concerned ministries, private and public entities to ensure the accessible construction.

The Guideline intends increasing access by removing barriers to people with disabilities to establish services and facilities in principles of universal design by fixing required standards for enabling them to utilize their civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights and facilities mandated by Convention on Rights of People with Disability (CRPD). Though the accessibility Guideline follows the minimum standard of accessible construction, there is nothing mentioned about the post-disasters reconstruction measures and standards. ADRAD has planned with the objectives of ensuring at least 50 public places are made accessible for persons with disabilities during the post-earthquake reconstruction plan. The project  follow the implementation of accessible  standard and establishing inter-governmental coordination for following the Physical Accessibility and communication Guideline while designing, planning and construction of public buildings in project sites.